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30 Apr By In Blog

The good people at TattooNOW have put together a really unprecidented sweepstakes of goods and services just for tattoo artists. The Professional Artists Dream sweepstakes is just that.TattooNOW put together a really top tier line-up of companies for their giveaway. Each month they are going to be selecting an artist to win these amazing prize packs. The contest is going to run for six months with a new winner each month and the grand prize winner is going to get a day of tattooing from Guy Aitchison. 

They are giving away over $30,000 in prizes and as far as I know, no company has ever done that in the industry. All you have to do is sign up here to be entered to win TATTOONOW SWEEPSTAKES

I have been super impressed with these new roll aways from Waterloo and you could win one from the sweepstakes. They have been designed specifically with the tattoo artist in mind and the design tackles many of the needs of a portable station. They also come in a bunch of custom colors, different sizes and configurations- check them out when you get a chance, www.waterloo.com


If all that wasn't enough Pulse is giving away a great sample pack of both our new Ergo Grips and our needles. Our friends at Presto Art are giving away a whole library of Presto books (Including the new book from Martin LaCasse "MAKE YOUR MARK" ). The contest is awesome, take a minute sign up, check out what the good folks at TattooNOW are doing and remember us when you become the big winner! TATTOONOW SWEEPSTAKES ENTER HERE

11 Apr By In Blog

Our New Pulse Heritage T-shirt is avalable now. The artwork is incredible and we came to learn about the artist through the magic of Instagram. Like most people, I like to eat my lunch with one hand while broswing the web for new artists and cool things to look at with the other. While browsing one day I came across this really amazing hand drawn logo for a playing card company. It was so intricate that I assumed it had been done a hundred years ago, there was no way it was done on a computer. 

Upon looking into the account @flatteryleadstoruin on Instagram, I found all this amazing artwork that was being created one line at a time by this awesome artist David Salinas. He was doing these mind blowing T-shirt designs and company logos. I thought having David create a shirt for Pulse was a must have for Spring. He agreed to create one of these hand etched logos for us and it was amazing watching how much time and effort he put into our shirt design. He is a true craftsman with an amazing by gone era style and we are psyched with his final design. Take a minute and look at his work it is unbelievable for sure. Then pick up a piece of his newest work right here at Pulse, Pulse Heritage T-Shirt available in Small -3XL  $15.00 -Thanks David.

18 Mar By In Blog

Martin LaCasse is the artist behind the best selling book Take What You Can...Give Nothing Back, and the award winning collection Three Sixty Five. He returns next month with an all new book of art entitled Make Your Mark. This go round Martin has painted sixty all new sheets of classic flash. His style shines through and showcases why he is one of best Western Traditional artists working in tattooing today.

This all new volume has been printed in a 1 to 1 format of 11" x 14" on a heavy 100lbs stock. It has been bound in a softcover prestige format so it is easy to work with, and smythe sewn for sturdiness. Each sheet Martin created is also accompanied with a clean line drawing that is ready to be copied and stenciled.

Along with a ton of great ideas and executions, the book is ready to work flash. The book is 128 pages and literally hundreds of new full color designs from Martin.

This Make Your Mark collection is also a limited edition initial printing. The price is going to be fifty dollars ($50). Yes U.S. dollars. Sixty sheets of all new flash, sixty line drawings all bound up in a book for $50.00. This is the deal of the year. That is less than $1 per sheet. Do one tattoo from this collection and it's like the book is free. Amazing artist, amazing art, amazing price, you have zero (0) reasons not to add this book to the library.

Make Your Mark is available now through a special Pre-Sale at Pulse. We are also offering a combo pack of Martin's new book with his first book Take What You Can... for only $65.00. The combo pricing is for Pre-sales only and will only be available until the end of March. The book is due to reach us April 1st, 2014.  Also Martin will be at this year's Baltimore tattoo show April 25-27, so if you are in the area, stop on by to pick up your book or have it personalized.

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